Use Your Wrapping Paper to Create Bows!

DIY Wrapping Paper Bows by Innisbrook
Wrapping Paper Bows Tutorial

‘Tis the season for decking the halls, baking up goodies, and kiddos to write their Santa wishlists.  With the holidays just around the corner, now is also the perfect time to start stockpiling your gift wrap accessories.  Don’t leave it to the last minute, with our easy to follow guide, you can create your own beautiful paper bows in minutes.  With the convenient Scissor Mouse by Westcott, you’ll also save time and the frustration of fighting with scissors while you try to wrap the perfect gift.

Our 6 step guide walks you through creating paper bows out of reversible wrapping paper.  These DIY bows help create a homemade touch to each individual gift.

Materials Needed:

Curling Ribbon
Gift Wrap of Choice (We used seasonal reversible gift wrap)
Gift Wrap Scissor Mouse

Start with cutting your gift wrap into even sized strips.  Some will be full length and the others will be shorter.  For fuller bows cut your pieces thinner, and add additional pieces for each length.

Start with a 12×12″ paper cutout.
+ Cut 9x 3/4″ wide strips. Leave 3 strips full length of 12″ long.
+ Cut 1″ off 3 of the remaining strips.
+ Cut 2″ off 2 of the remaining strips.
+ Cut the last strip down to 4″ long.

Innisbrook Reversible Wrapping Paper
Next, twist each strip into a loop at both ends and tape it in the center. Roll the shortest strip into a simple tube-like loop and secure it in the center with tape.
Stack the three longest loops on top of each other and rotate them each, spacing them evenly apart, and securing them with tape.  Repeat this with the next two sized groups. Finally add the smallest section, the loop, into the center, securing it with tape.
Now all you have left to do is stick the bow to your perfectly wrapped gift! You can even twist your wrapping paper to create matching curls! You can mix up your bows by using different kinds of gift wrap. There are dozens of seasonal wrapping papers to choose from, and the reversible wrapping paper is our personal favorite!
Innisbrook Wrapping Paper Bow DIY

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See the Original Post for more instructions by Aphra Dee Designs

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