Turn Your Holiday Gift into a Christmas Card Envelope

Envelope Style Gift Wrapping Idea
Envelope Style Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Now that December is officially here, it’s time to start the holidays off right with our easy to follow wrapping paper ideas.  In this article, we’ve created a lovely DIY holiday Christmas card envelope wrapped gift.

With just a few small changes to the traditional wrapped gifts, you can create a beautifully wrapped present that doubles as a Christmas card holder too!

Materials Needed:

Gift Wrap of Choice (We used seasonal reversible gift wrap)
Gift Wrap Scissor Mouse
Holiday Card

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you have your items ready to go, it’s time to follow the easy 8 step tutorial to build your own card holder.  We used Kris Kringle Reversible Gift Wrap and Starry Chanukah Reversible Gift Wrap for our wrapping paper, along with the Merry Bliss Photo Christmas Card and Elegantly Scripted Photo Christmas Card.

Once  you choose your reversible wrapping paper and holiday card, it’s time to begin. Place your item on your paper. Cut your paper down to size with at least 2″ of space at the top and bottom and 6″ – 8″ on the left and right sides.

Step 1 - Cut Your Paper to Size
Step 1. Fold the top corner of the gift paper diagonally backwards so that it creates a corner pointing upwards and only shows the reverse paper (in this case the striped side of the paper. Place your gift item in the middle and fold the bottom up over the item to reveal the reverse side of the paper (for ours it is the candy cane side of the paper).
Step 2. Fold the top pointed corner straight down over the gift item towards you so that the point is now facing down.
Step 3. Now you can wrap the gift as usual. We recommend tucking the corners of each side inwards first to create a triangle at the top and the bottom and then folding the triangle inwards and securing with tape.

Final Notes

This elegant packaging not only serves two purposes, but it adds a creative twist to your holiday. Utilizing the double sided wrapping paper helps create a beautiful package with lots of eye catching colors!

Love wrapping ideas and inspiration?

See the Original Post by Schoen Einpacken

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