Tulle Monster Wreath Halloween Crafts by Innisbrook

Trick-or-Treat with a Monster Tulle Wreath | Spooktacular Craftivities

Tulle Ribbon Halloween Monster Wreath - Innisbrook Wraps

Invite your trick-or-treators to your door with a Halloween Monster Wreath!

We’ve ​made ​the ​essential ​door ​decor ​for ​your ​Halloween ​season! ​This ​month’s ​spooktacular wreath ​was ​made ​utilizing ​our green, yellow, ​and citrus ​tulle ​with ​more ​than ​a ​couple ​eyeballs and ​some ​“fangs” ​to ​create ​this ​perfectly ​scary ​wreath. ​Making ​your ​own ​holiday ​wreaths ​not only ​helps ​save ​on ​decorating ​costs, ​but ​also ​gives ​you ​a ​great ​project ​to ​work ​on ​with ​friends ​or the ​kiddos. ​If ​you’re ​a ​DIY ​nut ​(like ​us), ​you’ll ​enjoy ​this ​delightfully ​spooky ​How ​To project!

Products ​You’ll ​Need

Tulle ​in ​multiple ​colors
Ribbon ​(we ​used satin ​red)
White ​Styrofoam ​Wreath
Hot ​glue ​gun
Black ​felt ​(for ​the ​eyes)
Styrofoam ​balls
White ​felt ​(for ​the ​fangs)

How ​To ​Build ​Your ​Wreath

Begin ​by ​cutting ​the ​tulle ​into ​similar ​sized ​strips ​(we ​used ​three ​different ​colors). ​

Set ​those aside ​and ​prepare ​the ​“eyeballs” ​by ​cutting ​small ​circles ​out ​of ​your ​black ​felt. ​Then, ​fasten ​the black ​felt ​to ​your ​white ​styrofoam ​balls ​with ​the ​hot ​glue ​gun. ​

Cut ​two ​triangle ​shapes ​out ​of white ​felt ​and ​set ​them ​aside.

Take ​your ​styrofoam ​wreath ​and ​begin tying ​the ​tulle ​pieces all around it using different ​colors ​to ​make a ​pattern or go crazy with your colors! ​Continue ​this ​until ​the ​wreath ​is ​full ​and ​no ​white ​space ​is ​visible. ​

Fasten ​the ​eyeballs ​and ​fangs ​to ​it. ​

After ​it ​is ​dry, add ​the ​ribbon ​“bow” ​to ​the ​bottom.

The ​whole ​process ​takes ​about ​an ​hour, ​and ​it’s ​a ​LOT ​of ​fun ​to ​do ​with ​a ​group ​of ​friends ​for your ​next ​Halloween ​crafting ​session, ​or ​as ​a ​fun ​weekend ​craft ​for ​the ​kids to see who can make the funniest monster!

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