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Tulle Ribbon Halloween Monster Wreath - Innisbrook Wraps
Invite your trick-or-treators to your door with a Halloween Monster Wreath!
We’ve ​made ​the ​essential ​door ​decor ​for ​your ​Halloween ​season! ​This ​month’s ​spooktacular wreath ​was ​made ​utilizing ​our green, yellow, ​and citrus ​tulle ​with ​more ​than ​a ​couple ​eyeballs and ​some ​“fangs” ​to ​create ​this ​perfectly ​scary ​wreath. ​Making ​your ​own ​holiday ​wreaths ​not only ​helps ​save ​on ​decorating ​costs, ​but ​also ​gives ​you ​a ​great ​project ​to ​work ​on ​with ​friends ​or the ​kiddos. ​If ​you’re ​a ​DIY ​nut ​(like ​us), ​you’ll ​enjoy ​this ​delightfully ​spooky ​How ​To project!

Products You’ll Need

Tulle in multiple colors
Ribbon (we used satin red)
White Styrofoam Wreath
Hot glue gun
Black felt (for the eyes)
Styrofoam balls
White felt (for the fangs)

How To Build Your Wreath

Begin by cutting the tulle into similar sized strips (we used three different colors).

Set those aside and prepare the “eyeballs” by cutting small circles out of your black felt. Then, fasten the black felt to your white styrofoam balls with the hot glue gun.

Cut two triangle shapes out of white felt and set them aside.

Take your styrofoam wreath and begin tying the tulle pieces all around it using different colors to make a pattern or go crazy with your colors! Continue this until the wreath is full and no white space is visible.

Fasten the eyeballs and fangs to it.

After it is dry, add the ribbon “bow” to the bottom.

The whole process takes about an hour, and it’s a LOT of fun to do with a group of friends for your next Halloween crafting session, or as a fun weekend craft for the kids to see who can make the funniest monster!

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