Halloween Crafting – Create Candy Filled Monsters!

A Fang-tastic Candy Monster Tutorial
Halloween is a fun time to decorate and enjoy the fall colors that have begun showing uparound town.  In this tutorial, we transformed toilet paper rolls into fun decor with Innisbrook giftwrap, tulle, and wraphia.  Mixing the lime green, black, and purple gave these candy poppers the traditional Halloween look while we mixed in some floral and animal print accents.

How To Make These Halloween Candy-Filled Decor

First, you’ll need to collect your different materials. Make sure you have a large work space such as a crafting table to lay out different gift wraps and matching ribbon, tulle, and wraphia.  Here’s what we used:

All Occasion Wraphia
Tulle (several colors)
Gift wrapping paper (different prints)
Double-sided tape
Toilet paper rolls
Googly eyes
Your favorite candy

First, you need to cut out your gift wrap and tulle (make sure they are the same size). Lay the tulle out flat and put a piece of double sided tape in the middle.

Then lay your gift wrap on top, ensuring it is secured with the double sided tape. Now lay a piece of double sided top in the middle of your gift wrap and place the toilet paper roll on top of the tape. Place another piece of double sided tape on the toilet paper roll and begin rolling the tulle and gift wrap around the paper roll. Cinch this on one end like a “candy wrapper” and secure with wraphia or ribbon.

Take the candy of your choice and fill the paper roll up from the open end. Cinch this end like the first and secure with the sametype of wraphia or ribbon.

Next, decorate with googly eyes, draw on some spooky faces, or use a cute TRICK OR TREAT label.

The sky is the limit with whichever decorations you choose, so have a blast mixing and matching!

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