When it Comes to Gift Giving, it’s the Thought that Counts

You’ve browsed online for hours, endlessly wandered store aisles and have done laps around the mall. Let’s face it: Sometimes, the perfect gift is hard to come by. Maybe the recipient is picky and difficult to buy for. Maybe you’ve already gotten them a birthday, Christmas and anniversary present so you are running out of ideas. Or maybe it’s a coworker or distant relative that you just don’t know very well.

Whatever the case, the truth is that not every gift that you give will be a grand slam. But in terms of the wrapping and presentation, by putting forth a little bit of effort, each gift can certainly be a huge hit. In this case, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Big or small, the presentation of a gift can make a lasting impression, and truly show that you care.

Adding small details like a color-coordinated tag, some delicately tied tulle or a chiffon ribbon can go a long way towards creating an eye-catching gift that everyone wants to “open last.” Plus, why not show off your personality a bit with some fun accessories? The recipient is sure to appreciate this much more than a haphazardly wrapped present with a crooked tape-job that feels like an afterthought. Even if your gift is small in size, adding a few small touches can really bring it up a notch. After all, they say good things come in small (and perfectly wrapped!) packages.

For baby or bridal shower gifts, putting extra effort into the wrapping job is especially appreciated, as sometimes, the gift itself can feel unauthentic if it was purchased off of a registry. Plus, many new moms and brides-to-be keep mementos from their showers, so a fun wrapping accessory or stunning ribbon just might make its way into a scrapbook.

Whether you are shopping with your budget in mind or limited to a certain dollar amount for the gift, adding in some care and effort to the presentation can really enhance the value of the gift, and is sure to bring a smile to both you and your loved one’s face, no matter the occasion! Check out the collection of unique wrapping paper, gift bags and other accessories from Innisbrook by clicking here.

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