Discover Pull Bows!

Are you familiar with the pull bow but aren’t sure how to assemble one at home?  If so, read on for this interactive tutorial to find out more about our easy, reusable gift wrapping accessory.

Toss the tired star bows and tie on a fluffy, looped pull bow to take your gift wrapped packages to the next level. Easy to use and impressive to behold, our pull bows transform from flat to fabulous in no time at all. And, they come out perfect every time!  If you’re new to these gorgeous bows, we’ve compiled an a 3 step tutorial below.

Step 1:  Unwrap your pin bow and lay it out on a flat surface.  Locate the two thin strings on either side.

Step 2:  Slowly pull the strings outward, away from the pin bow and in opposite directions of each other.  You will start seeing your pin bow “bloom” upward.

Step 3:  Continue pulling strings outward in the opposite direction of each other until your pin bow looks like the one pictured. 

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