​Fun​ ​Crafting​ ​+​ ​Gift​ ​Wrapping

Party​ ​Time​ ​Paper​!

Now that the kids are back in school, backpacks are being flooded with paperwork, parent-teacher conference notices, and of course birthday invitations. If you’re looking for a fun and bright way to dress up your gifts, try utilizing garlands and pom poms! We think this is a fantastic use of our baker’s twine (featured above in black and red) and solid colored gift wrap; all of which is for sale right here on our site. Let’s get started!

Using scraps from gift wrap and our baker’s twine, we created garlands and fastened them to the gifts. First, choose any solid color gift wrap (we used turquoise and white) and then cut out paper triangles from vibrant colored kraft paper. Fasten the triangles to the baker’s twine with hot glue and let it dry. Your garland is born!

Whether you’re the gifter, the one receiving these awesome presents, these DIY craft-inspired wrapping elements are sure to win a smile. For a unique and cute name tag, cut out the letter of your friend’s name in a colorful kraft paper and attach to the package and add a cute pom pom bow made from tulle. It adds a personal touch to each gift!

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